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In the Garden









I put the roses my fiance got for my birthday/Valentine’s Day in a tea pot.

Here’s another pic!



Asian Art Museum



This bust reminds me of a video game villain called Ganondorf from Zelda.  Here’s a picture I found on DeviantArt of Mr. Ganon…



Birthday Contd.



Experimenting with Food



I made chocolate cake in a mug!  I like the idea and it only takes 2 minutes!!  The ingredients are: 1 egg, 2tbsp of flour, sugar, pinch of salt, oil, …well how about I post a link to it instead.




Bruce says yummy



Bohemian and French style


Haven’t really posted much recently, but wanted to add some pictures I fell in love with.  Some of them I’m thinking of decorating this way around my room or my future residence.  I hope!  But all the designs are really feminine and just gorgeous.  I found these pictures around on the web, the first three I don’t know.  However the next ones are from Easy Elegance By Atlanta Bartlett, go out and get it–the pictures are so colorful and vibrant.  And you might recognize the last two are from Ikea.  The look is clean and happy.







These other pictures are not room related but I still like them.

dean isidro balconyspread_Ybmv7U_by_my_bed_by_fragilesimplicity deviantart

American Journalists Captured by North Korea

American Journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling was captured by North Korea and sentenced to 12 years in a labor camp.  I am astounded by the little coverage they received and the negative comments from the American public.  North Korea is back on the terrorist list and has been forced into a corner by U.S. sanctions.  The people of North Korea are starving, and so Pyongyang is resorting to these petty acts–using these women as bargaining chips.   This increasingly hostile country blusters by shooting out a few missiles over Japan–putting the folks in UN in a restive state.   Don’t you think its time to take a different approach,  America?  It is obvious they just want recognition.  So do we appease NK…or push for further sanctions?

I think this question digs into deeper about the recession we are in.   Americans do not need further financial burden in this recession with the unemployment rate reaching 9.4% in June.  Though I am split 50/50 on the capture of the female journalists, I strongly believe something needs to be done.  I partly believe that they did not receive as much attention because they are not ethnically white.  That is the truth, but that is an entirely different topic.  They are not spies, but journalists whom provide necessary information to the public.  Anyone who has any humanitarian side or a Beating Human Heart would care about what goes on around the world.  The truth is most people underestimate their own power.  You are not rendered powerless because a travesty is happening on the other side of the world.  There are things that can be done to better the world.  There are many groups advocating for human rights, including Amnesty International.  These women journalist chose the media outlet.  Information is a powerful tool that can shape a nation and its resolve.

The plan to get out of this recession is to reform how/what/how much we spend, what we think is important, and a disposal of things that don’t work.  It is draining our country dry!  What happens when China stops buying U.S. bonds?  What happens when states are run by a string of  incompetent people?  I keep hearing Dr. so and so with his degrees/titles/written work knew the recession was to happen.  Anyone can predict, but not everyone can do something to solve it.   As a last word, I hope they bring these ladies home safely.

New Found Appreciation

Came upon this really heartwrenching piece from the movie The Great Caruso called Caruso, sang by Andrea Bocelli.  It is absolutely beautiful! C’est Magnifique!!  I had to put down Madama Butterfly’s famous aria-Un Bel Di Vedremo too.


Caruso-Lucio Dalla

Another version of Caruso. She sings it very well, but the gestures were a little too wild for me.  But still good.  It’s like the pop version.

Madama Butterfly

damn that pinkerton!


I’m listening to Carla Bruni aka Mrs. Sarkozy right now.  Very relaxing~~


I was looking at Der Jen’s work, and here’s the thing about web surfing…it can lead you to a lot of places that you weren’t interested in before–but instead opens up a whole new world.


I laughed out loud when I saw the last pictures.  You always see these ladies looking prim and proper, but to my amusement not in this case.  The artist’s name is Chow Lee.  Anyways, this website is awesome.  There were too many great art work to count.  Check it out yourself here.

Near the end

I am drawing near the end of my vista service, or indentured servitude as my bf’s friend likes to call it.  I never thought I would feel any connection to my site, but it proves true if you stay any place long enough.  To tell you the truth, I feel tired right now.  It’s been a long year, but passed in a blink of an eye.  When I was done with the beautification project on Saturday, and I was driving past the church.  I felt a tinge of sadness well up in my heart.  Alot of the kids from Hosanna came up to say hi and gave me hugs.  I thought about all that transgressed throughout the year I have been working here.  It hit me once again when I was loading new pictures from the event and glanced through the folder where I kept all the pictures I took of the kids throughout the year.

All I can think about right now is sleeping.  I really pray that these kids make it and I somehow in some little way made a difference.  I wish that they be kept safe from harm and always loved.


Karma is a {Bleep}

Today I go to the ink refill store.  Its been three days since I turned in my inkjet cartridges.  The day after I turned it in, I go back…a gentlemen waits impatiently tapping his fingers on the table.  But in a friendly way starts conversing with me about small things (how long have I been coming here, and how he is pretty satisified with their work).  I had never used their services until this time.  I thought I would give them a try.  Anyways, the color wasn’t ready–so I told them I’ll come tomorrow.  Tomorrow rolls around, but was unable to make it because of the traffic and the rain.  Plus, did not feel like speeding and running out in the rain when I know it’ll be dry and sunny tomorrow.  I come back in today.  The woman working there is sitting eatting lunch, so I apologize for interrupting her.  She grunts something unrecognizable.  I see her slowly shuffling back and forth getting this and that.  I get more irritated.  Why isn’t it still done, when its been three days already.  I try to give her excuses, she’s the only one there–she’s Jamaican and its in their culture to be really lax.  I wanted to say really bad, “You should really consider changing your store name”.Pftt  Rapid refill my ass!  But I restrained myself.  When finally it was done.  I pay her, and it is not in my habit to pay attention to how much it is.  Maybe its a trained reflex–so I wouldn’t feel the sting.  I handed her a fifty dollar bill, and she hands me back like $12—that’s when my brain kicked and went Whoaa!  I looked and looked at the receipt.  The price did not match up to the one I was quoted.  I didn’t remember the exact price, but it was nowhere near that amount.  I decide to question, and that’s when things started heating up.  I tell her I was quoted a different price.  She said that would never happen, not for re-manufactured ink.  Now….in my mind the customer is always right.  You don’t argue and say okay show me on-line where you can find a better deal.  But that woman did.  This is how it went, I said that you could find cheaper deals on-line.  Like ebay, tiger direct, or 123inkjets to throw out a few.  So she’s like show me, tell me where to go.  I said it was for her reference, so I don’t care.  She was so passionate about about proving me wrong, and btw it was a few cents cheaper.  Small victory for her.  I tell her off that I have things to do, and you are making me stay here to show you different ink websites.  For the customer service–I had to wait three days for it to be ready. and she’s like i was here yesterday and you weren’t here to pick it up.  I’m not about to explain to this woman why I didn’t come by.  So I keep my mouth shut.  I tell her I come here and it wasn’t even ready.  What was that about?  She’s like I didn’t want to use my bag if you weren’t going to show up.  So…you make the customer wait instead. I expect things to be efficient–you pick up your product, pay, and go.  Usually, I’m very calm and very acceptive.  But I don’t care anymore, and I let my face express my emotions.   She wants to argue, I’ll give it to her.  Then she’s like just give them to me back and I’ll refund your money.  Somehow it went back to when I first put in my order, she just kept saying I wouldn’t give you that price and people here wouldn’t.  I’m at my wit’s end–“You weren’t even here that day”.  But she just kept saying they wouldn’t quote me for that price.  I already paid for it already, I said.     I’m thinking..The damage is already done, and I spent far too much of my time on this lousy place.  I threw out a whatever and walked out the door.  She keeps talking on my way out.  Good thing it was a small store, so I wouldn’t have to hear the crap coming out of her mouth.  All I kept thinking about is, I’m gonna write the ink store to poverty.  I’ll write the worst about that store on web reviews.  I come in with a smile, and leave with medusa eyes.  I decide to write out this blog so i have time to calm down and rethink.  I don’t want my karma to be bad because of what happened today.  But now at the end of this, I still feel I should write the review to warn ppl and tell them to get the person to write down the price with their name if you are going to use the store regardless of my forewarnings.  Awful.  Pure awfulness.  I wish to wash the bad karma away from me.  I’ve been doing a lot of good lately, so maybe this is a way for the devil to get at me.  I fell in the trap, but thank goodness its not an endless pit.