American Journalists Captured by North Korea

American Journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling was captured by North Korea and sentenced to 12 years in a labor camp.  I am astounded by the little coverage they received and the negative comments from the American public.  North Korea is back on the terrorist list and has been forced into a corner by U.S. sanctions.  The people of North Korea are starving, and so Pyongyang is resorting to these petty acts–using these women as bargaining chips.   This increasingly hostile country blusters by shooting out a few missiles over Japan–putting the folks in UN in a restive state.   Don’t you think its time to take a different approach,  America?  It is obvious they just want recognition.  So do we appease NK…or push for further sanctions?

I think this question digs into deeper about the recession we are in.   Americans do not need further financial burden in this recession with the unemployment rate reaching 9.4% in June.  Though I am split 50/50 on the capture of the female journalists, I strongly believe something needs to be done.  I partly believe that they did not receive as much attention because they are not ethnically white.  That is the truth, but that is an entirely different topic.  They are not spies, but journalists whom provide necessary information to the public.  Anyone who has any humanitarian side or a Beating Human Heart would care about what goes on around the world.  The truth is most people underestimate their own power.  You are not rendered powerless because a travesty is happening on the other side of the world.  There are things that can be done to better the world.  There are many groups advocating for human rights, including Amnesty International.  These women journalist chose the media outlet.  Information is a powerful tool that can shape a nation and its resolve.

The plan to get out of this recession is to reform how/what/how much we spend, what we think is important, and a disposal of things that don’t work.  It is draining our country dry!  What happens when China stops buying U.S. bonds?  What happens when states are run by a string of  incompetent people?  I keep hearing Dr. so and so with his degrees/titles/written work knew the recession was to happen.  Anyone can predict, but not everyone can do something to solve it.   As a last word, I hope they bring these ladies home safely.


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