Recent stuff

In the Garden Filoli   Birthday    I I put the roses my fiance got for my birthday/Valentine’s Day in a tea pot. Here’s another pic!   Asian Art Museum   This bust reminds me of a video game villain called Ganondorf from Zelda.  Here’s a picture I found on DeviantArt of Mr. Ganon…   […]

Bohemian and French style

Haven’t really posted much recently, but wanted to add some pictures I fell in love with.  Some of them I’m thinking of decorating this way around my room or my future residence.  I hope!  But all the designs are really feminine and just gorgeous.  I found these pictures around on the web, the first three […]

New Found Appreciation

Came upon this really heartwrenching piece from the movie The Great Caruso called Caruso, sang by Andrea Bocelli.  It is absolutely beautiful! C’est Magnifique!!  I had to put down Madama Butterfly’s famous aria-Un Bel Di Vedremo too.   Caruso-Lucio Dalla Another version of Caruso. She sings it very well, but the gestures were a little […]


I was looking at Der Jen’s work, and here’s the thing about web surfing…it can lead you to a lot of places that you weren’t interested in before–but instead opens up a whole new world. I laughed out loud when I saw the last pictures.  You always see these ladies looking prim and proper, but […]

Near the end

I am drawing near the end of my vista service, or indentured servitude as my bf’s friend likes to call it.  I never thought I would feel any connection to my site, but it proves true if you stay any place long enough.  To tell you the truth, I feel tired right now.  It’s been […]

Karma is a {Bleep}

Today I go to the ink refill store.  Its been three days since I turned in my inkjet cartridges.  The day after I turned it in, I go back…a gentlemen waits impatiently tapping his fingers on the table.  But in a friendly way starts conversing with me about small things (how long have I been […]