I am holding back my tears.  How can he do this to me, after all the calls…one of our sponsors is ditching out.  My voice is shaking as I call the plant nursery.  We printed all the flyers with their logo on it.  500 flyers.  Will we need to blot out their name?  This is ridiculous.  I keep catching myself saying this.  I am laughing, its absurd.  I take deep breaths, but it doesn’t help.  A few tears spill down, that is hurriedly swipe off.


Rhythm of my soul

I love music and singing.  It lets me release emotions that have laid dormant in me.  Whether I’m happy, angry, or sad–it kind of heightens that emotion, but in the end releases it.  Kind of like when I am feeling sad, I will listen to a sad song.  I will start singing, pouring my heart out on every word.  I tear up and eventually start crying and singing at the same time–remembering the heartache the pain.  Afterward, I feel a lot better.  Like a shoulder to cry on, music heals me.  I remember watching a university symphony orchestra perform.  That day I remember that I watched one of the best, most captivating performances in my life.  I didn’t know what to expect, but when the conductor took his stand and everyone had their instruments poised and ready to brush their bow over the strings or wind instruments to be played…I was overcome with such an emotion when all was quiet and the music began.  Half excitement and half amazement.  I don’t know how to quite explain it, but I can only describe it as having the same feeling like when you are seeing something important that may not transgress in the near future.  And it was music.  Music is powerful.  I truly feel sorry for people who have a hearing disability.


Anson Hu (Hu Yan Bin)- Moonlight (Yue Guang)

I am in love with Anson Hu’s voice.  Its just beautiful.  He has other songs like “Waiting for You” and “Jue Bu Shi”

I like the song in this video, the pictures too of course

Sing Song

I woke up today around 6am.  I had a dream that this guy took a sip from my chocolate milkshake, and at first I was like ok whatever.  But then he took a really BIG sip, and then I blew up–like what the heck!  He then pick up the straw and proceeded to flick around the bottom of the straw, so all the milkshake flew off the end onto my shirt.  It was on!  I started to wail on him.  In my dream I was sooo mad at this nerdy guy for doing that.  Bastard.  I try to calm myself down whenever I get mad, which is very frequent now.  Take deep breaths and analyze the situation.  Really it isn’t all that bad if you take a step back.  That’s what I tell myself.

I stayed awake thinking about my beautification project, stressed that I still don’t have my plants ordered or the flyers.  Not many have signed up.  I am in the hole with 100 more people that I need.  The tools are another problem.  Where am I gonna find enough shovels and rakes for everyone?  I am actually hoping, and I repeat hoping I get people to show up last minute.  Whereas before, I’m like you need to sign up or else you aren’t getting in.   So I stayed up for an hour stressing over this.  Went jogging, and forgot about it momentarily.  But now its back gnawing in the back of my brain like before.  I’m annoyed at the Principal for not putting more into this.  Oh well, I’m gonna try to enjoy Christmas the best I can!  Hand me the eggnog. haha

VS Fashion Show 2008

That’s Not My Name! by Ting Tings


I was glued to the tv last night watching Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008. They were all amazingly gorgeous. In terms of physique, they really do keep toned. It is all about DEFINITION. All other models only have to be skinny, but VS models are also fit. There are lots of pictures to oggle on the internet.
Above is a picture of Miranda Kerr. I like Alessandra and Ms. Lima–my body rolemodels!

I hate it when I’m sick, even just a little. I feel like a troll. hahaha

Orlando Gas Prices

Its always been known that gas prices in Orlando has always been cheaper, at least when compared to my hometown-Daytona Beach. So one day, I asked myself why is that? I looked into it and found several theories, but no concrete evidence support any of it. I will only list two theories. The first one being competition and the second one as proximity to oil refineries. The first one states that Orlando has more local companies and city ordinances to protect the little guys. By having all these local companies, there is more competition. Instead of having governmentally-owned companies that don’t need to fear being outted. Competition drives prices down.

The second theory is the proximity to oil refineries, by having a local refinery–it would cut down on overhead costs for the people living near it. But I have found that this theory is kind of flawed. Many people commented that proximity doesn’t always mean that it would cost less to the residents in the area.

So there you have it! The best answer for why Orlando always have lower gas prices is because its city laws protects competition, or maybe legislatures don’t really regulate how low gas prices can drop down to. I’m sure that there are many factors. Why price gouging occurs in other cities, and why there are lower prices in others. I hope the government can see that competition can only help us and in that affect would not give handouts to those failing car companies. I see it as that they have had their chance. Other companies should take a lesson out of this economic downfall, maybe to develop a better model. Although it be expensive at the beginning, it would grow 10-20x more effective and profitable later down the road. Going for the cheaper option at the beginning, doesn’t usually benefit in the end. That can be said for a lot of things.

I like these two songs recently:

Lady Gaga- Just Dance

It has a good beat, in a repetitive way. Its the kind of music that makes u want to turn it up and move around in your car. In a none thinking way.

Jason Mraz- I’m yours

I always love traveling videos, plus he seems very carefree.

Learning how to play the noob way

Stairway to Heaven-Missing you

I don’t remember notes, note-reading and such. except of course the very basic cdefg. But not even the way to remember it or anything so. I’m trying to learn how to play a piano song by remember finger placement only. I’ll get back to you in six months on how it goes.


Japanese products are the way to go. I’ve always wanted a certain unique style for my headpiece for my future wedding (which won’t be for awhile). Good thing Japan, unlike China has kept its historical artifacts. You can’t even get the phoenix crown, which used to be what was worn in the old days for weddings. But now things like that is considered costumes. Anyways, the Kanzashi is japanese for Hair Ornament. And there are many different kinds of kanzashi. The kind that I have been searching all over the internet for is like Ogi in bira bira style.




Now, all I have to do is get someone to make it for me. Or maybe I can do it? Should of taken jewelry making class in high school!

I tried to upload a picture here, but this site’s retarded. So here’s the link:

Je ne comprend pas

I’m gradually absorbing more and more French culture into my life.  Still have a long way till I really understand the language when spoken.  French class memories in highschool sometimes kick in–like avec or plus.  But then i forgot what achete means, although it sounds soooo familiar.  Music is the easiest for me cause it is an art form that transcends all languages and you can get jiggy with it–can’t really do that with paintings.  Emilie Simon reminds me of a mix between Ayumi and Bjork–both have eccentric style.


I got clothes! yayy, hooray for boyfriends and sales!!  Happy 5 year anniversary! woot woot!!